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The ultimate online fish shooting game, well known multiplayer fish shooting game. Because it is another one in the casino The most popular right now. With a new style of play Unlike traditional gambling games that often use dice and cards With cute graphics, thrilling shooting sounds and effects. Favorable Of many players The game format is easy to understand, easy to shoot fish, die quickly, get real money, fun for everyone for a fish shooting game. An opportunity to gain or lose a reward It will depend on the accuracy of your shooting. Unlike many casino games Which uses a lot of luck Prove your accuracy And start earning money from online fish shooting games at SLOTTXOCASINO

Online fish shooting game Play on mobile
Online fish shooting game Played on your phone, the fish shooting game is developed from a coin machine game. To a casino game With an online format, easy to play, beautiful graphics Thrilling effects create fun And enjoy playing Can be played through a web browser or smart phones, all models, all brands, supports iOS and Android systems, meets the needs of gamblers. That can be played anytime, anywhere For beginners, we recommend that you study. And learn how to play Playing technique Game rules, game formats, prize amount And conditions of each website or play first, these will increase your chances of making money. Finally, the fun of the ultimate fish shooting game online mobile SLOTTXOCASINO lies in the prize money of the bet. And jackpot prize That can make money And huge profits We recommend that It is a very rewarding and enjoyable investment.

Best fish shooting game With techniques that will make money fall over

  1. The item fish escaped from the shot. If it comes back again, do not shoot again. For fish, items such as exploding crabs, if we can not shoot them dead in the first place. If it reappears Don’t go and shoot it again. Because it will lose bullets and lose points for free itself
  2. The same fish Not the same power Many of you often misunderstand that Same fish They have to have the same stamina. Actually, not each of them has different stats.
  3. Use less shooting methods. Fish can also die. Because many of you tend to think that by shooting more quickly, the fish will die more easily. I must say that this idea is wrong. Because shooting with absolute aim or shooting with minimal bullets Will help make it easier to score Because if we fire bullets I can assure you that The fish did not die easier. As we think Plus will lose free ammunition instead.
  4. Item gun cannot kill fish item. Do not misunderstand each other. Because we can not use the item gun To kill the fish To get more items, so do not waste time aiming fish items is better.

5.Shoot like this, I guarantee you get money quickly. For this method, it is for us to double the bullet. At any particular fish By letting us shoot bullets at the wall So that bullets can bounce back to fish And while the bullet has not yet arrived Then let us shoot bullets at the fish Directly one more round The mortality rate of fish will be higher, you must try and you will know that it is easier to die.

  1. Do not keep shooting. The fact that we hit and hold the shot will give us a chance. Loses a lot of points so you have to wait for a good aim and shoot will be better.
  2. If it’s the type of boss that has left the scene and re-enter It is considered to be the original boss, so it is not like an item fish. If we find a boss that has left the scene And it’s back again Just keep in mind that it was the same boss, so let us keep shooting the lightning gun, that boss will die eventually. And do not be afraid to lose points, free shot Because if you use a lightning gun It really got easier.
  3. Don’t focus on the big fish. Many of you tend to think that Killing big fish Will help to get more points Until he ignores the small fish at all This is a very wrong playing technique because of the focus on the big fish. In addition to making it harder to kill It also wasted free ammo, so turn the gun barrel around the table continuously and fire one shot at a time. In order to make 2 bullets bounce to hit the fish, this kind of shot will allow us to hit one of the fish dead.
  1. Shoot slowly, get beautiful scythe, slow shot increases the chance. Make it easier for fish to die Plus it also saves us ammunition. You can do it separately, so use the shooting method we just mentioned above. Will make the fish easier to die Plus, it will definitely save you ammunition. Because of the loss of ammunition It is the same as paying free money anyway.
  2. Observe the direction of the fish swimming, the ultimate online mobile game for realistic fish. Is about to swim through us And no other fish to cover Visibility Let us use a spider web projectile or miss a shot at it. I assure you that you will definitely die.

11.There are few bullets Do not shoot fish items. Because the item fish It takes a lot of effort to shoot, so it’s recommended to shoot fish that kill easily will be worth the ammo.

  1. Pufferfish dies easily. Our no secret trick is that puffer fish are the easiest to die in the game. You can call it shot. It is more likely to die than other types of fish.

All this It is considered the ultimate technique. For the game of fish shooting in online casinos That we have gathered From playing with real experiences How to play and make money How to play fish shooting game and get rich Let’s try all 12 of our techniques to play. I certify that I’m rich. Until not knowing for sure

How to play fish shooting games without losing

Do not bet more than 1% of the capital. Believe that if you are playing a fish shooting game, everyone will want to get a profit. Until sometimes I don’t look at my own budget Some of them play so hard that they lose all their funds. Therefore, the caution message is to bet on the fish shooting game no more than 1% of the available capital to guarantee the risk, for example, if there is a total of 1000 credit points, it should not be invested too much. Start with only 10 ammo points. Enough for a small profit, but you don’t risk losing.

Absolutely no fire is taken. For fish shooting games It is important to keep in mind that you should never shoot the fish randomly as this will cause unnecessary ammo loss. Focus on shooting in body to die first, then switch to shooting other ones, etc. This is a formula that many players in the gambling website are very popular. Because it makes good profit

Don’t overlook the special fish. Special fish, even with a lot of power But should not be overlooked Because of this group of fish Will give a lot of points And there may be special items such as miss size crabs, etc. When playing these dead fish shooting games, they will give special items or guns to deal with the fish. It makes it easier for fish to die by these special items. Recommended for use with ordinary fish. Will be more profitable

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