Sic Bo formula, guidelines for conquering the casino

Sic Bo formula, guidelines for conquering the casino Sic Bo formula, many of you would have been searching for a while. In GOOGLE I found it, but the Baccarat formula. After having started playing dice online It must have been good. If you get a way or a way to play dice online today, we will introduce how to bet on dice, how to get money.

Increase your chances of winning Those who played simple dice before Probably displeased quite a bit At online play Can’t hear the dice So then playing online Therefore it is necessary to use a formula in playing To increase your chances of winning even more The approach that we are going to teach today Is basic That is easy to understand, not difficult and uncomplicated and can be used for real purposes

Basic rules you should know before playing Sic Bo and Sic Bo
Sic Bo has a total of 3 balls per 6 pages, with the probability of being able to produce results is 216 patterns.
In 216 designs, 108 patterns were found to have a low emission of 50%.
Hi-Lo has a chance of 37%, the rest is 11 Sic Bo. Once you know this At least you won’t concentrate, but bet high or 11 sic-bo.
Sic Bo betting techniques

  1. To bet on the dice, see the results of the dice. And select the points that 1 number most frequently drawn by selecting the most frequently drawn numbers every betting round and adding 2 more expected numbers to increase the chances of winning.
  2. Teng emphasizes that when we have stabbed toot a few times, change it to a favorite bet The most frequently drawn points at that table Because the chances of getting that number are very high
  3. Stab and wait. This is the safest method. Because you don’t have to stab every eye, but wait for it to have the same effect repeatedly in succession, such as three times high or three times low, if encountered like this, you can follow along. Ensure that you will receive a beautiful reward.
  4. The compound bet. The compound bet will increase the money by 1 times when losing, which will choose to bet higher or lower when the bet is lost. This bet has the least chance of losing.

And here are the 4 most popular dice bet formulas. And see the results clearly From my own experiment, I would like to recommend a technique for playing Sic Bo, the formula to bet on compounded by determining the amount per day at 500 baht per day, making it enough to play another day. Gambling profits are seen only if we are able to discipline ourselves. This is true

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